Forbes highlights Jeeter

When our Co-founders, Sebastian Solano and Lukasz Tracz, decided to shift their focus from their current business in Miami into the cannabis industry in California, the goal was to be recognized as the #1 best selling pre-roll in America.

In 2021, that goal was met when Forbes reached out to document this mile marker. At that point, two million Jeeters were being smoked in a month in California. “When Jeeter started to become popular, we realized that we had something special,” says our Co-CEO Sebastian Solano. “Our top selling stores started telling us that we were one of the only brands that people would turn around and go somewhere else when Jeeters were sold out. Not only is the product selling, but we have created a real community and cult following we can be proud of.”

At the core of everything Jeeter does, is culture. From day 1, the vision in the U.S. has been clear: to create quality products accompanied by 360 immersive experiences for our audience that bridge together entertainment, sports and fashion under one umbrella.

Co-CEO, Lukasz Tracz says, "our brand has a real soul and a real DNA. It’s not just a logo and a sticker. We’re detail-oriented freaks. That’s one thing that we breathe and push into our marketing department, we’re all about the details.”

Now venturing into Canada, we plan to carry out that same level of excellence and excitement we’ve created in the states. Stick around, the best is yet to come!