Get to know Jeeter Apparel

If you follow Jeeter, you can instantly see the meticulous care they put into every detail of their branding. Which is why in 2022, Jeeter Co-Founders and Co-CEO, Lukasz Tracz and Sebastian Solano decided to take that same attention to detail into a new industry, birthing Jeeter Apparel.

“We don’t want to just be another brand with apparel, we want to be in the conversations with some of the best brands in the apparel space, period,” said, Co-CEO Lukasz Tracz.

The team, guided by designer Andrew Klein and Creative Director, Giancarlo Aservi, makes sure that every single detail, from the fabric to the designs to the collections, has been strategically thought through with efforts to put a stamp on the apparel industry.

The goal is to create an everlasting brand that is constantly evolving and inclusive of any and everyone who wants to be a part of the Jeeter Family. The intention is to go above and beyond for our audience. Expect the unexpected but be fully prepared for what is planned to be one of the hottest apparel lines the industry has yet to see.